Production Of Security Hologram And Printing Of Security Documents

C-DIT has been the Total Solution Provider of the State Government in the design and manufacture of security holograms since 2002. C-DIT has the reputation of operating the only public sector security hologram production centre and the only public sector holographic studio in India. Important services being provided are Technical support & consultancy in Holography and security document; Turnkey project support; Holographic NDT; Product Research and Development; Training in Holography & Optical Instrumentation; Advanced Security imaging & Automation; Biometric based e-security networking; RFID based labeling and packing etc.

Digitization Activities

Recognizing the advantage of digitization of records towards promoting good governance, the Government of Kerala has encouraged digitization of records in various Departments. Apart from establishing digital archives, we focus on Archival Conservation and restoration techniques whereby old and damaged records can be revived by providing them with strong reinforcement and through that their strength and longevity may increase.

Facility Management

Hardware Supply and Maintenance, Networking, 24/7 online technical support, System Administration, Touch Screen kiosks, Video-Audio conferencing facility, Support of pre-printed stationery and consumables etc are the important services being offered in this area.

Website Development

The web services team is involved in the development and maintenance of web sites/portals and related services. At present 300 plus web sites/portals of various Government departments and institutions are being maintained by C-DIT.

Software Design Architecting & Development

We cater to the development of software projects for various Governmental and non Governmental organisations. Development of software solutions involves system study and design; complete office automation; web based/enabled office application, software maintenance and online support.

Digital Media & Social Media Marketing

CDIT has been maintaining social media pages for various government agencies for the past 6 years across various online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Telegram. As the social media is a strong platform both for communication and promulgation of information, most of the government departments approach CDIT for creating appropriate contents, creative design and for managing their social media pages.

The method of implementation includes creating very crisp and catchy contents to disseminate the information to the public, a provision for clearing doubts, and a campaigning method for certain projects run by the departments. Social media creatives may include posters, motion posters, banners, video spots, infographic representations, audio spots, animation videos etc. Depending on the client requirements, additional creative works are also taken up by the team.

Providing Cloud Service to Departments

C-DIT provides a wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and customers over the internet. These services are designed to provide easy, affordable access to applications and resources, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware. C-DIT provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

DNS Management

C-DIT offers the administering and managing of the Domain Name System (DNS) for a particular domain or set of domains. It includes tasks such as creating and editing DNS records, managing DNS zones, adding or deleting name servers, and more. Our DNS service offers enhanced DNS performance, resiliency, and scalability so that end users connect to customers’ applications as quickly as possible from wherever they are. DNS management is essential today, because several servers managing services for just a single website. Most hosting companies today have separated their control panels - one, dedicated just to domain management and billing, and another - to the management of the actual website content.

Providing Technical Service to Facebook Live & Live Streaming

Social media live streaming has made the leap from novelty to necessity. Channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have integrated live video to their platforms and many departments  are adjusting their social strategies accordingly. C-DIT has a well-equipped technical pool of staff to cover various government official functions, inaugurations etc.

Software Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

C-DIT has set up and exclusive lab for ensuring the quality and precision on software development. This venture is functioning with the support of the STQC Directorate, Govt. of India and got experienced and talented professionals with adequate knowledge and experience in the field.

Providing Technical And Logistical Support For Events

Event management is one of the key services provided by C-DIT and having a great experience in it. Providing technical and logistical support for all kinds of events satisfy the complete event support mechanism. The service extends from choosing an event platform to all technical components up to the success of the event. C-DIT ensures well planning and management of technical and logistical support services for every event.

Computer Oriented Courses

Imparting quality IT courses with Government of Kerala recognition to the student community through a network of over 300 plus educational partners across the State. Nearly 25,000 students enrolled every year.

Video Production

The focus areas include Video Production - Awareness films, Short videos and Advertisements, Live telecast and streaming, IEC campaigns, Animation film production, TV channel news tracking, Video archiving, Television shows and Technical and logistical facilitation for events.

Production of video documentaries and live programs, reality shows for Government of Kerala and other agencies to encapsulate various social and development issues of the society. C-DIT has been lauded and acclaimed, in national and international circuits, for its momentous body of work in the spheres of development, health, education, science popularization etc.

We make ad films and chart out complete marketing strategy, right from creating innovative ideas, shooting editing, censor certification and avail suitable time slots on national and regional television channels. We draw upon three basic approaches to develop your advertisements – informational, influential and emotional and also use a variety of media specific tactics to implement the strategies.