About Us

Centre for Development of Imaging Technology, C-DIT, established in 1988, is an autonomous body under the Department of Electronics and IT, Govt. of Kerala. C-DIT diversified into Information Technology applications including software development and providing IT-enabled services to the masses. C-DIT has been functioning as a Total Solutions Provider in IT and Communication fields with a focus on the Government sector for the past 34 years. We have also made our mark in the field of education and training by offering a stream of courses in communication, new media production, and information technology. The 300-plus C-DIT’s educational partners all over Kerala have already become an integral part of IT education in the State since the courses got recognition by Kerala PSC.

In fact, C-DIT has established a synergy between Information Technology and Imaging Technology to create new paradigms of information dissemination through successful implementation of various projects. Apart from technical and software support, C-DIT extends its valuable service in the communication sector also. The communication field includes the beginning of campaigns to social media content generation. C-DIT facilitates new media usage from the development of the application to the content management system. C-DIT supports the development of society through the backup of well-maintained technical and communication strategies. The website of ministers to various departments are being benefited from the well-organized service provided by C-DIT.

The high-security holograms produced by C-DIT are a unique service provided to key sectors of Kerala including universities for issuance of certificates as well as the Motor Vehicles Department for the registration certificates and other important documents. The hologram ensures the authenticity and genuineness of documents along with security.

Mission & Vision

To become a leader in digital transformation of the state
To become a total service provider and product innovator in digital media and information technology systems, tools and applications; content development for science and development communication; design and production using optical image processing tools; imparting education and training in communication, digital media and information technology.

Quality Policy/Quality Assurance

Quality in service and products offered by C-DIT is achieved and sustained when each concerned employee scientifically approaches, continuously monitors and reviews, owns and enjoys tasks assigned to them and continuously strives to achieve customer satisfaction and establish a C-DIT brand image.