Online examination system software is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the unique needs of different institutions/examination bodies conducting online examinations. With this software solution, institutions can streamline the evaluation process and reduce administrative workload.


Product Description:

Online Examination System is a comprehensive software solution for scheduling and conducting the online examinations. The Online Examination System involves Examination Scheduling, Preparation of Question Papers, Conducting Online Examination, Publishing Answer Keys and Generating Mark Lists.

Product Features:

    • Online examinations for multiple subjects can be conducted simultaneously at different locations.
    • Multiple batches of exam for a subject can be scheduled.
    • Multiple language, multiple examination can be configured.
    • Random assigning of questions to candidates so that no two candidates shall have the same order of questions
    • Editors for question setters for question entry
    • Images can be integrated with a question.
    • Familiarization module for the candidates prior to actual examination
    • Candidates can traverse to any question
    • Negative marks can be set for the examination
    • Provisional mark list generation, key correction, final mark list generation features are available

General Features:

Our software is highly secure and designed to maintain the integrity of conducting online examinations in a timely manner. It prevents plagiarism in the examination hall, anti-cheating, and secure user authentication to ensure that the conduct of exams is fair and accurate.