Introducing our software solution for scheduling and conducting computer based evaluations of answer sheets of descriptive examinations. With On Screen Marking System, the Evaluators can evaluate an answer sheet online remotely thereby eliminating the need to attend an evaluation center or camp physically. More than one evaluator can do the evaluation of the same answer script simultaneously which shall substantially reduce the time of multiple evaluation.

This solution will help in minimizing the complexities in the manual evaluation process making it into a user friendly, accurate, prompt and transparent online system.

Product Description:

On Screen Marking System is a comprehensive software solution for scheduling and conducting the on-screen evaluations of answer sheets of descriptive examinations. The On-Screen Evaluation System involves Scanning of Answer Sheets, Evaluation Scheduling, Conducting On-Screen Evaluation, Assigning Marks and Generating Mark Lists. This application is designed in such a manner that the Evaluator will have the same experience as that of evaluating the physical answer sheets. Multiple evaluations, option for the Chief Examiner for random evaluation are also possible in On Screen Marking System.


    • Scanned paper based answer scripts are distributed electronically and marked on screen by evaluators.
    • Answer scripts are scanned using high speed Book scanners and uploaded into the On-Screen Marking system for further processing.
    • Marks assigned by evaluators and annotations are captured by the software throughout the marking process.
    • Marking process replicates the pen and paper based marking in a cost-effective and highly efficient manner.
    • After examination, answer scripts are collected and sent to a secure scanning facility, capable of processing huge volumes of scripts.

On Screen Marking System is designed in such a way that the authorized users can configure the complete examination related activities for a particular Institution/University dynamically. Complete eradication of administrative errors like incorrect totaling, unchecked questions and incorrect awarding of marks are ensured. The entire marking process can be completed within a short duration resulting in reduced turnaround times and huge savings for examination bodies.

General Features:

The On Screen Marking System software solution is developed on an open source platform. It is a highly secure system  with features such as user authentication (two factor) and permissions set to ensure only authorized personnel can access the system.