Office of the Director

Office of the Registrar

Administration Department
To deal with establishment and service matters and general office administration

HR Department
To provide human resources management services including recruitment, in-service training and development

Finance & Accounts Department
Finance Officer

Planning Department

Procurement & Stores Department
The stores department focus on Custody of Fixed Assets, Stock taking & Preparation of Goods Received Cum Inspection, Report after inspection of Goods Physical Stock verification, Periodic Inspection and Numbering of Fixed assets, Keeping of Records, Updation of Asst Registers and Stock and Issue Registers.

Major activities

  • Custody and Maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers,Master Stock
  • Registers,General Stock Registers,Issue Register & Movement Registers
  • Custody and Issue of Fixed Assets,Consumables & Stationeries/ Printed Stationeries for overall Projects of Cdit.
  • Issue of Gate pass  and Monitoring
  • Facility Management
  • Numbering of Fixed Assets
  • Repairs & Maintenance of Furniture
  • Keeping of Valuable Old Equipment used in the past projects.
  • Coordination of –
    • e-waste management
    • Housekeeping
    • Keeping of Canteen Assets and other activities related to Canteen
    • Shifting and Rearrangements of furniture and equipments as and when required
    • Supervision and Monitoring of the activities in connection vacating Rented Buildings
    • Green protocol Implementation and monitoring  the activities of Haritha Karma Sena
    • Campus cleaning beautification
    • Public Auction

Awards/ Commendation

Won ISO 9001:2015 Certification on 2018

Head of the Department
Kala M.I

Head of Purchase
Lalmohan V