The focus areas include Video Production – Awareness films, Short videos and Advertisements, Live telecast and streaming, IEC campaigns, Animation film production TV channel news tracking, Video archiving, Television shows and Technical and logistical facilitation for events.

Production of video documentaries and live programs, reality shows for Government of Kerala and other agencies to encapsulate various social and development issues of the society. C-DIT has been lauded and acclaimed, in national and international circuits, for its momentous body of work in the spheres of development, health, education, science popularization etc.

We make ad films and chart out complete marketing strategy, right from creating innovative ideas, shooting editing, censor certification and avail suitable time slots on national and regional television channels. We draw upon three basic approaches to develop your advertisements – informational, influential and emotional and also use a variety of media specific tactics to implement the strategies.

Major Activities

  • Navakeralam weekly TV series/News tracking/Daily News clippings for I&PRD,
  • Providing live video feed of lottery draw to four TV channels
  • IEC campaigns for many departments and government campaigns on health,social security, education etc.
  • Video series on MPLADS projects for Planning Department
  • Technical facilitation for the live telecast of Niyamasabha proceedings since 2020.
  • Visualisation of Theme song of Digital Survey titled Ente Bhoomi for Survey and Land Records Department
  • Shot videos for KSIDC
  • AR/VR Prototype applications for KITE VICTERS, Department of Museum and Zoo, etc. using Unity tools.
  • Setting up of Decentralisation history museum for KILA and Heritage museum for Gender Park, Kozhikode
  • Facilitation for conduct of events
  • Haritha Vidyalayam educational reality show

Head of the Division
Manoj Krishnan, Deputy Director

Head of Department
Animation and Archives Department
Karthikeyan S

Head of Department
Production Administration & Accounts
Giby P Abraham