Implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving and maintaining systems from a variety of diverse components thus providing complete solutions to information problems, requiring hardware, software and networking expertise in a multiservice environment.

C-DIT as System Integrator has expertise in implementing IT plans for Government projects by integrating various computers like Call centre, CRM, DMS, Mobile Application, Software solutions, Hardware/other infrastructure, setting up contact centre & data centre, IT audit, marketing initiatives & campaigns, implementation support.

Major Activities

  • Implementation, Maintenance and Technical support for Video Conferencing facility
  • Setting up video Conferencing studio
  • Managing Video Conferencing based event by providing camera,display,
  • Sound support for the event location.
  • Provide video conferencing Solution and support.
  • Overall technical coordination of the event.
  • Setting up of Contact Centre Maintenance, management and technical support.
  • Software & Implementation Support Server management Training & Support.

Head of the Department