C-DIT set up a holography facility and started the Optical Image Processing Team (Team OIP@CDIT) to conduct Research and Development, Production and Training in Security holography and Security Printing. Later with the financial support of the Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC), a full-fledged in-house commercial hologram production facility has come up with international standards.

C-DIT has over 25 years of experience in the field of holography which is gained through exploring and executing major R&D and commercial security hologram/printing related projects in association with IT enabled networking. Now C-DIT is the one and only public sector security hologram production facility of the country.

We are the one and only security hologram facility of the country, under the public sector with totally in-house production capability, realize about 500 million high security tax labels per annum for KSBC, MVD, Universities and all the major Public sector organizations. Our focal areas include Optical Image Processing, Security Holograms,Security Printing and Security Document Forensic.

Major activities


Team OIP-SP@C-DIT has been manufacturing the Hologram embedded security tax labels for Kerala State Beverages Corporation successfully for the last 20 years. This is done for preventing the counterfeit and forgery in the sales and distribution of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). C-DIT is the one and only public sector security hologram production facility of the country. As per the G.O (P) No. 2/09/I7PRD Thiruvanthapuram dated 31-01-2009, Government of Kerala has declared C-DIT as the Total solution provider in Security holography and Security Printing. During the past 20 years about 900 Crores Tax Labels supplied to KSBC.


Today, holograms are the most reliable security device having worldwide acceptance. The main charm of security holograms lies in the fact that the most modern digital imaging and image processing tools fail to duplicate it and even the originator of the hologram will not be able to imitate a hologram with full exactitude. From 2002 onwards Team OIP-SP are supplying Security Holograms for various Government departments, Universities, and other public and private sector organizations across the country to prevent counterfeiting and forgery


The threat of digital counterfeiting and forgery of any documents is growing at an increasing rate. Nevertheless instead of eschewing the paper/plastic document; applying effective security methodologies to the same are the feasible solutions to defend documents against document forgery and counterfeiting. Today Team OIP @C-DIT is one of the Pioneers in the field of High Security Holographic (HSH) document production. Team OIP-SP is supplying Security Holographic Documents/Certificates/Computer Stationary/Vehicle Passes/ID cards to universities, various government departments and PSUs from the year 2002 onwards.


Team OIP-SP has set up a Security Design Lab (SDL) for incorporating unique security features in the lottery tickets in the State; to prevent counterfeiting and forgery of the tickets. This lab also provides the service of forensic examination support to the enforcement agencies and police, also to the Hon. Courts regarding the security encryptions, identification and authentication of the lottery tickets. The SDL started functioning from 2017 onwards in the premises of Kerala State Lottery Department, Vikas Bhavan Trivandrum.


This project is implemented for the secure identification and remote monitoring of the sea going fishing vessels (Motorized Mechanical Vessels category). Monitoring Sea-going Fishing Vessels is vital in concern to the safety of the fisherman and security of the maritime region. Though various types of vessel monitoring systems are available, all fishing vessels may not be equipped with the same due to high cost of the equipment. Also, it does not provide any security based visual identification system. Security Registration Board with GPS/GPRS networking is a low-cost device that provides Visual Inspection along with Track and Trace operation. This is the first project in India to integrate such a kind of a Security Registration Board with GPS/GPRS networking for the seagoing vessels related to coastal security and sea governance.

Even abroad, such a system is not implemented so far. This project is a joint venture with Keltron, for the supply of GPS/GPRS coordinated by Dept. of Fisheries CDIT designed an innovative Security Registration Board (SRB) for secure identification and monitoring of the sea going vessels. The system is designed to fit on top of the wheelhouse of the sea-going vessel to ensure significant clear visibility@360 degree as well as from the top. The Security registration system will benefit the poor fisherman to secure their life while fishing and also enforcement to protect the coastal area, which in turn provides national and international security. In Kerala, about 4000 numbers of registered sea going vessels (Motorized Mechanical Vessels category). Currently CDIT received the order for 300 numbers of SRB for the sea going vessel and its implementation is progressing.

Awards/ Commendation

  • National Recognition – 2002

The one and only Hologram production facility in the country under Public sector

  • National Recognition – 2004

Excellence in Holography – Special Appreciations Award, High Security Holographic label made for Kerala State Beverages Corporation

  • State Recognition -2009

Total Solution Provider in Security holography and Security Printing, Govt. of Kerala.

  • State Recognition -2013

Chief Ministers award in public policy, 2013 “Nirman @ Kasaragod – e-Sand” project Appreciation and special mention from the District collector, Kasaragod

  • International Recognition  -2013

Excellence in Tax Stamps Awards 2013 for the Best Design category, 4th Tax Stamp Forum, Vienna, Austria, Hologram embedded Security Tax label (HSTL)

  • National Recognition – 2016

Authorised Security Hologram supplier to Indian Navy and Coast Guard

  • National Recognition – 2021

National award to C-DIT, in 2021 instituted by Governance Now – Digital Transformation in Cyber Security Initiative for the project Hologram embedded Security Registration Board to Augment Coastal Security

  • National Recognition – 2022

Member of various technical committees for Reserve Bank of India related to design and indigenization of security features for Indian Currency

  • State Recognition -2022

Accredited agency for the production and supply of Security holography and Security Printing

Head of Division
Deputy Director

Head of the Department
Dr. Sajan Ambadiyil