Tender 2024

Dated Particulars Last Date Links 22-02-2024 Tender Ref No. C-DIT/02/ESD/AC-AMC/2023-24/T485 Dated: 21.02.2024 Description: Tender For Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for […]

Tender 2023

Dated Particulars Last Date Links 07-12-2023 Tender No. C-DIT/12/TED-AB/2023-24/T468 dated 07.12.2023 Description : Tender invited for the Printing and supply […]

Tender 2022

Dated    Particulars Last Date Links 30.12.2022 Notice e-tender published on 30.12.2022 Tender Id: 2022_CDIT_545134_1 Tender reference no: C-DIT/12/KIIFB/2022-23/T376 Dated […]

Tender 2021

Dated Particulars Last Date Links 29.12.2021 e-tender published on 28.12.2021 Tender Id:                      2021_CDIT_463643_1 Tender reference no:    C-DIT/12/OIP-PRDN/21-22/T272 Dated28.12.2021 Scope Work:   […]