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C-DIT – 13th Plan Scheme

Vide G.O.(MS)No. 239/2017/GAD dated, Thiruvananthapuram 24th July 2017, Government of Kerala has decided to bring C-DIT under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology. There is a need for C-DIT to consolidate its areas of strengths and refocus to new related areas where it could diversify and which could be of relevance to the state. This would require strategic partnerships with academic institutions and technology provider majors and start-ups along with systematic building up institutional capacities in core areas.


C-DIT proposes to enhance its capacities and reorient its activities in the following areas during the 13th plan period, under the guidance of IT department,

  • New media, Video production, Content management (Enterprise Content Management- ECM) and Optical Image Processing are thematic areas where C-DIT has developed some strength. This needs to be consolidated significantly.
  • Signal processing and Sound recognition, Indian Language Technologies, Spatial information systems, Social media and mobile content are areas where C-DIT or C-DIT resources has done some projects. It is possible for C-DIT to re-focus in these areas and establish strengths with some effort. In some of these areas locally and regionally there is a need to build up new capacities.
  • Big Data Analysis, Assistive Technologies, Surveillance, Machine Data Recognition and Telepresence, Encryption Forensics and Data Security etc. are thematic areas in related segments where C-DIT could start functioning by looking at opportunities and demands in the public sector. For entering into these areas C-DIT needs to build partnerships.
  • C-DIT shall also aim to undertake media and communication studies and improve Government content delivery systems and also develop systems for knowledge management and open data integration.
  • Methodology

    Having drawn out this overall broad spectrum of functioning, C-DIT is in the process of establishing a Network Testing and Software Testing; a Quality assurance facility and a Document and Image forensic facility.

  • The Network testing facility shall have state of the art tools for Wide Area Network and Local Area Network Testing.
  • The Software Quality Assurance facility shall have facilities for remote client access, functionality testing, mobile application testing, mPOS testing, Card Payment testing and EVM testing.
  • The document and Image testing facility shall help authenticate security features and detect fraudulent documents for critical government sectors like excise, commercial taxes, registration, lottery etc.
  • In media Communication studies, and content management an Enterprise content management Frameworks for various government departments shall be established in web 3.0 frame work for social media integration, dynamic content and improved interactivity. This shall be applied to all departmental and institutional web sites handled by C-DIT.
  • A virtual reality based digital cultural archive and scalable archival solutions C-DIT has over 10,000 hours of video on Kerala’s natural resources and human resources on magnetic tape. These materials are rare visuals taken over the last 22 years of existence. The proposal is to use them to recreate a Digital archive of Kerala’s polity, cultural heritage and resource endowment using virtual Reality Techniques for educational and promotional material.
  • Community Portal: It is proposed to develop a community portal integrating data sources in various line departments and local governments at the grass root level and a mechanism of updating this Information using crowd sourcing. A protocol for community validation shall be drown up grass root level NHG activists and Anganawadi workers would be integrated along with social development and political activities
  • Social Media Analysis: Responses over the social media have started influencing the mindset of the people and is assuming importance in policies. There is a need to monitor Social Media and using generated content and access the quality, reach, and broad trends especially on matters relating to government policy and schemes.
  • Analysis of Grievance Portals: Public Grievance portal are a reflection of governance and service delivery networks. C-DIT is handling the largest electronic public grievance system in the state the CMO portal and the CM’s distress relief fund. An attempt shall be used to analyse the patterns of grievances spatially as well as department wise to arrive at an intervention in improving governance systems.