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Vision and Mission

Government of Kerala established Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) with a vision to ensure advancement of research, development and training in imaging technology with an implied role in socially relevant science & development communication.

The Mission of C-DIT

C-DIT was envisioned as an organization to bring in innovative technology and its application into public domain. The key mission of the organization is to improve science and development communication through the deployment of needful technological as well as creative aids. Inclusiveness is another major mission of C-DIT which has been successfully attained through commitment and hard work of years.

The Mission Statement

“To become the leading service provider and product innovator in new media information technology systems, tools, applications and content development with thrust on deployment of sustainable and appropriate imaging and imaging technology for science and development communication.”

Quality Policy

Quality in service and products offered by C-DIT is achieved and sustained when each concerned employee scientifically approaches continuously monitors and reviews, owns and enjoys tasks assigned to them and continuously strive to achieve customer satisfaction and establish a C-DIT brand image.