C-DIT is an authorized research centre for University of Kerala, and undertakes R&D for various private  and public institutions in emerging fields. We provide carefully crafted innovative Media Training Program, IT & ITES Courses approved by Kerala Public Service Commission. Our researchers have developed Unicode fonts and applications in Malayalam computing, which are widely used in the state.

We are planning to introduce an internal research fellowship scheme and the Research scholars will be encouraged to the internally/externally funded R&D projects of C-DIT.

  • Approved research centre of University of Kerala for PhD registration.
  • Certified Educational Partners (350 odd) and Off Campus Centers across the State.
  • Online Courses and Corporate Training Programs
  • Imparting hands-on training in Green Energy solutions, field level testing of energy efficiency and auditing.
  • Incubation centre for soft skill and IT for the students belonging to SC, under Cybersri Center supported by SCDD, GoK

Major Activities

  • Provide Malayalam Computing solutions to the Government of Kerala and various other agencies.
  • Integration of Malayalam with other Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Globalise Malayalam through Language Computing Technology.
  • Localize Language technology for the benefit of the public.
  • Production of linguistically and culturally customized software.
  • Research, Publication, Consultation, and Training of Malayalam Language Technology.
  • Coordination of the R&D activities of the institution

Head of the Department
Suresh K S