The focus areas include Video Production – Awareness films, Short videos and Advertisements, Live telecast and streaming, IEC campaigns, Animation film production TV channel news tracking, Video archiving, Television shows and Technical and logistical facilitation for events.

Production of video documentaries and live programs, reality shows for Government of Kerala and other agencies to encapsulate various social and development issues of the society. C-DIT has been lauded and acclaimed, in national and international circuits, for its momentous body of work in the spheres of development, health, education, science popularization etc.

We make ad films and chart out complete marketing strategy, right from creating innovative ideas, shooting editing, censor certification and avail suitable time slots on national and regional television channels. We draw upon three basic approaches to develop your advertisements – informational, influential and emotional and also use a variety of media specific tactics to implement the strategies.

Major Activities

  • Navakeralam weekly TV series/News tracking/Daily News clippings for I&PRD,
  • Providing live video feed of lottery draw to four TV channels
  • IEC campaigns for many departments and government campaigns on health,social security, education etc.
  • Video series on MPLADS projects for Planning Department
  • Technical facilitation for the live telecast of Niyamasabha proceedings since 2020.
  • Visualisation of Theme song of Digital Survey titled Ente Bhoomi for Survey and Land Records Department
  • Shot videos for KSIDC
  • AR/VR Prototype applications for KITE VICTERS, Department of Museum and Zoo, etc. using Unity tools.
  • Setting up of Decentralisation history museum for KILA and Heritage museum for Gender Park, Kozhikode
  • Facilitation for conduct of events
  • Haritha Vidyalayam educational reality show

Head of the Division
Manoj Krishnan, Deputy Director

Head of Department
Animation and Archives Department
Karthikeyan S

Head of Department
Production Administration & Accounts
Giby P Abraham


Knowing the heartbeat of the audience, we create, develop and maintain feature-rich websites for various government departments and projects. We have been successfully handling social media campaigns and analytics for various organizations and projects. We bring together a bunch of creative heads who not just design but think to imagine, innovate and create exceptional and real results. Our focal areas include Website design and development, Cloud hosting services, Digital marketing, e-Learning platform, Live streaming of events, Content development, Font development, SMS and e- mail services.

Major Activities

  • Website development and maintenance for government departments, institutions and projects.
  • Apart from the official website of the government, we have developed and maintained more than 300 websites.
  • Development activities and mass welfare programs are brought to the people more quickly and at lower cost through social media campaigns.

Awards/ Commendation

  1. National E-Governance Service Delivery Assesment 2021; Kerala Gov grabed 1st Rank and in Digital services grabbed 6th rank
  2. Kerala PSC : E-Governance Award 2019-2021; Award for the Best Website
  3. Government approved fonts : Mandaram and Thumpa developed
  4. CMDRF Portal got Innovation award

Head of the Department
Sri. Biju S B

Team Leader,Website Development
Sri. Anish P

Team Leader, Server Management
Sri. Arun Nadh G

We cater to the development of software projects for various Governmental and non- governmental organizations. Our focal areas are application software design, development and implementation along with security testing. Development of software solutions involves system study and design; complete office automation; web based/enabled office application, software maintenance and online support.

Major Activities

  • System study and preparation of technical proposals of software applications
  • Preparation of Software Requirement Specification and Software Design Documents containing the database design, process flow charts, architectural diagrams and user interfaces screens
  • Development of software solutions that fully complies with the documented information using the best practices
  • Preparation of test cases, test data to carry out functionality testing, integration testing, website testing. Security testing of the applications using automated and open source testing tools.
  • Training to the users of the application software and support for the successful implementation.
  • AMC of the software solutions implemented

Awards/ Commendation

  1. Got first Rank – for State Portal – National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment 2021
  2. SKOCH Order of Merit for CMDRF Donation Portal
  3. Kerala State e-governance Awards 2018 – for e-grantz
  4. National award for e-governance 2010-2011 – for e-grantz

Head of the Division
Sri. N. Jayaraj

Head, Testing Department
Rajitha K S

Head, C-DIT Automation Department
Alex H.T

Head, Software Development
Aravind R

Head, Design and Architecture
Aneez M

Head, Implementation Department
Ajish M R

Implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving and maintaining systems from a variety of diverse components thus providing complete solutions to information problems, requiring hardware, software and networking expertise in a multiservice environment.

C-DIT as System Integrator has expertise in implementing IT plans for Government projects by integrating various computers like Call centre, CRM, DMS, Mobile Application, Software solutions, Hardware/other infrastructure, setting up contact centre & data centre, IT audit, marketing initiatives & campaigns, implementation support.

Major Activities

  • Implementation, Maintenance and Technical support for Video Conferencing facility
  • Setting up video Conferencing studio
  • Managing Video Conferencing based event by providing camera,display,
  • Sound support for the event location.
  • Provide video conferencing Solution and support.
  • Overall technical coordination of the event.
  • Setting up of Contact Centre Maintenance, management and technical support.
  • Software & Implementation Support Server management Training & Support.

Head of the Department

C-DIT set up a holography facility and started the Optical Image Processing Team (Team OIP@CDIT) to conduct Research and Development, Production and Training in Security holography and Security Printing. Later with the financial support of the Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC), a full-fledged in-house commercial hologram production facility has come up with international standards.

C-DIT has over 25 years of experience in the field of holography which is gained through exploring and executing major R&D and commercial security hologram/printing related projects in association with IT enabled networking. Now C-DIT is the one and only public sector security hologram production facility of the country.

We are the one and only security hologram facility of the country, under the public sector with totally in-house production capability, realize about 500 million high security tax labels per annum for KSBC, MVD, Universities and all the major Public sector organizations. Our focal areas include Optical Image Processing, Security Holograms,Security Printing and Security Document Forensic.

Major activities


Team OIP-SP@C-DIT has been manufacturing the Hologram embedded security tax labels for Kerala State Beverages Corporation successfully for the last 20 years. This is done for preventing the counterfeit and forgery in the sales and distribution of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). C-DIT is the one and only public sector security hologram production facility of the country. As per the G.O (P) No. 2/09/I7PRD Thiruvanthapuram dated 31-01-2009, Government of Kerala has declared C-DIT as the Total solution provider in Security holography and Security Printing. During the past 20 years about 900 Crores Tax Labels supplied to KSBC.


Today, holograms are the most reliable security device having worldwide acceptance. The main charm of security holograms lies in the fact that the most modern digital imaging and image processing tools fail to duplicate it and even the originator of the hologram will not be able to imitate a hologram with full exactitude. From 2002 onwards Team OIP-SP are supplying Security Holograms for various Government departments, Universities, and other public and private sector organizations across the country to prevent counterfeiting and forgery


The threat of digital counterfeiting and forgery of any documents is growing at an increasing rate. Nevertheless instead of eschewing the paper/plastic document; applying effective security methodologies to the same are the feasible solutions to defend documents against document forgery and counterfeiting. Today Team OIP @C-DIT is one of the Pioneers in the field of High Security Holographic (HSH) document production. Team OIP-SP is supplying Security Holographic Documents/Certificates/Computer Stationary/Vehicle Passes/ID cards to universities, various government departments and PSUs from the year 2002 onwards.


Team OIP-SP has set up a Security Design Lab (SDL) for incorporating unique security features in the lottery tickets in the State; to prevent counterfeiting and forgery of the tickets. This lab also provides the service of forensic examination support to the enforcement agencies and police, also to the Hon. Courts regarding the security encryptions, identification and authentication of the lottery tickets. The SDL started functioning from 2017 onwards in the premises of Kerala State Lottery Department, Vikas Bhavan Trivandrum.


This project is implemented for the secure identification and remote monitoring of the sea going fishing vessels (Motorized Mechanical Vessels category). Monitoring Sea-going Fishing Vessels is vital in concern to the safety of the fisherman and security of the maritime region. Though various types of vessel monitoring systems are available, all fishing vessels may not be equipped with the same due to high cost of the equipment. Also, it does not provide any security based visual identification system. Security Registration Board with GPS/GPRS networking is a low-cost device that provides Visual Inspection along with Track and Trace operation. This is the first project in India to integrate such a kind of a Security Registration Board with GPS/GPRS networking for the seagoing vessels related to coastal security and sea governance.

Even abroad, such a system is not implemented so far. This project is a joint venture with Keltron, for the supply of GPS/GPRS coordinated by Dept. of Fisheries CDIT designed an innovative Security Registration Board (SRB) for secure identification and monitoring of the sea going vessels. The system is designed to fit on top of the wheelhouse of the sea-going vessel to ensure significant clear visibility@360 degree as well as from the top. The Security registration system will benefit the poor fisherman to secure their life while fishing and also enforcement to protect the coastal area, which in turn provides national and international security. In Kerala, about 4000 numbers of registered sea going vessels (Motorized Mechanical Vessels category). Currently CDIT received the order for 300 numbers of SRB for the sea going vessel and its implementation is progressing.

Awards/ Commendation

  • National Recognition – 2002

The one and only Hologram production facility in the country under Public sector

  • National Recognition – 2004

Excellence in Holography – Special Appreciations Award, High Security Holographic label made for Kerala State Beverages Corporation

  • State Recognition -2009

Total Solution Provider in Security holography and Security Printing, Govt. of Kerala.

  • State Recognition -2013

Chief Ministers award in public policy, 2013 “Nirman @ Kasaragod – e-Sand” project Appreciation and special mention from the District collector, Kasaragod

  • International Recognition  -2013

Excellence in Tax Stamps Awards 2013 for the Best Design category, 4th Tax Stamp Forum, Vienna, Austria, Hologram embedded Security Tax label (HSTL)

  • National Recognition – 2016

Authorised Security Hologram supplier to Indian Navy and Coast Guard

  • National Recognition – 2021

National award to C-DIT, in 2021 instituted by Governance Now – Digital Transformation in Cyber Security Initiative for the project Hologram embedded Security Registration Board to Augment Coastal Security

  • National Recognition – 2022

Member of various technical committees for Reserve Bank of India related to design and indigenization of security features for Indian Currency

  • State Recognition -2022

Accredited agency for the production and supply of Security holography and Security Printing

Head of Division
Deputy Director

Head of the Department
Dr. Sajan Ambadiyil

Recognizing the advantage of digitization of records towards promoting good governance, the Government of Kerala has encouraged digitization of records in various Departments. Digitization offers advantages like easy accessibility and retrieval, protection of data authenticity, data security besides the possibility to save and store in multiple formats. Once the data is digitized, processing of files becomes easier and faster compared to the manual system. Access to background data and keyword-based search is possible with digitization. Furthermore, digitization enables access at multiple points at the same time, thus reducing delay in processing files. Users can also save these files to the system or any other media for future reference. With the introduction of the IT Information Act the relevance of digitization has increased even more.

Taking into account the situation, C-DIT as a Total Solutions Provider to the GoK, took initiatives for establishing a separate department for providing Digital Archiving solutions to its clients. Apart from establishing digital archives, the department also focuses on Archival Conservation and restoration techniques whereby old and damaged records can be revived by providing them with strong reinforcement and through that their strength and longevity may increase.

Major Activities

  • Digitization of Paper Documents and Palm Leaf
  • Creation of Metadata and development of Web enabled Documents Archival and Retrieval Information Management Systems
  • Development of E-books in pdf and other formats used in mobiles, ipads, kindle and other e-book readers
  • Archival Restoration
  • Development of Digital Collections of Materials (Digital Library) pertaining to a particular department/institution with focus on the Cultural Institutions and on heritage data of Kerala.
  • Provide technical digitization support, and services to those private/public institutions/departments that are not able to wholly or partially do it themselves.
  • Provide or mobilize experts to conduct training and support for persons and institutions that would like to embark on digitization and digital preservation exercise.
  • Coordinate collaborative digitization and digital data preservation initiatives among departments and other organizations that are keen to collaborate and or provide digitization support to others.
  • Impart training and customization in Open source Digital Library Systems such as D-Space, Greenstone and E-Prints.
  • Provide services in Archival Restoration techniques.
  • Impart training in Archival conservation and restoration methods.

Awards/ Commendation
The Digital Heritage Archiving work (DIGIARCHIVES) undertaken by the Digitization Department for the Kerala State Archives Department which has won the FutureGov Award, 2010 in the category “Information Management at the FutureGov Asia”Pacific summit held at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Head of the Department

Rohit Panicker

The history of the e-governance implementation division in CDIT can be traced back to the conceptualization and commissioning of the FRIENDS centers, the first major e-governance initiative in the state, way back in 2000. The Information Kerala Mission (IKM), the nodal agency for local self governance has its genesis in the SLIDE (State Level Informatics for e-centralisation) project undertaken by CDIT.

The e-governance implementation division has functioned as Total Solution Provider (TSP) for IT implementation in government for the statewide Akshaya epay project, State Video conferencing facility, Ration card renewal project, hospital token display systems project, etc. along its twenty years of experience.

Presently the largest division in CDIT with over 200 personnel, EGID today caters to a host of e governance domains in facility management services, surveillance solutions, ICT maintenance & support, network testing structured cabling solutions, technical manpower support for e governance initiatives, supply of computer consumables and stationery etc.

The e governance support department of this division has been providing facility management services for all RTO offices in the state continuously since 2010. Ten years of unhindered technical support for the most successful e-governance project in the state is no mean feat. The success of any e-governance project is its sustenance against dynamic challenges; our e-gov support department has proven long standing credentials.

The hardware and network department provides AMC solutions for IT infrastructure in offices and has high tech equipment for testing and design solutions. The success of e-governance initiatives, intended primarily to benefit the citizens, depends inevitably on 24×7 proper upkeep of the IT infrastructure. Our AMC services are based on this tenet. Franchisee mode AMC service for all households is scheduled to commence by the year end.

Our surveillance solutions include cctv and other sensor security installations in government hospitals and other offices. We also provide contactless attendance systems with face capture and temperature screening, IP based thermal detection cameras for crowd screening of abnormal temperatures, non contact infrared thermometers etc.

With the support of our inhouse engineering services division & green energy technology department we also provide civil and electrical consultancy for conversion of existing office environments to ambient ICT suited infrastructure with focus on energy savings and greener environment.


  • Facilities management asset management
  • IT/CT AMC services
  • Technical manpower support
  • Cable testing & structured network solutions
  • CCTV Security Solutions thermal scanner solutions
  • Holistic civil/engineering/green/infrastructure for IT offices
  • Facility management services including Technical manpower supply
  • Supply of Stationeries & consumables
  • Maintenance of ICT equipments
  • House keeping services
  • Surveillance security solutions

Head of Division

Head of Department
Sheeba Beevi S R
81389 14651

C-DIT is an authorized research centre for University of Kerala, and undertakes R&D for various private  and public institutions in emerging fields. We provide carefully crafted innovative Media Training Program, IT & ITES Courses approved by Kerala Public Service Commission. Our researchers have developed Unicode fonts and applications in Malayalam computing, which are widely used in the state.

We are planning to introduce an internal research fellowship scheme and the Research scholars will be encouraged to the internally/externally funded R&D projects of C-DIT.

  • Approved research centre of University of Kerala for PhD registration.
  • Certified Educational Partners (350 odd) and Off Campus Centers across the State.
  • Online Courses and Corporate Training Programs
  • Imparting hands-on training in Green Energy solutions, field level testing of energy efficiency and auditing.
  • Incubation centre for soft skill and IT for the students belonging to SC, under Cybersri Center supported by SCDD, GoK

Major Activities

  • Provide Malayalam Computing solutions to the Government of Kerala and various other agencies.
  • Integration of Malayalam with other Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Globalise Malayalam through Language Computing Technology.
  • Localize Language technology for the benefit of the public.
  • Production of linguistically and culturally customized software.
  • Research, Publication, Consultation, and Training of Malayalam Language Technology.
  • Coordination of the R&D activities of the institution

Head of the Department
Suresh K S

As a part of social commitment to promote environment friendly energy solutions and to face the upcoming energy crisis, Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (CDIT), the leading Total Solution Provider (TSP) for the state has taken up initiatives in Green energy and Technology, particularly Solar Photovoltaic. Our department focuses its activities in the renewable energy sector with ANERT to achieve the mission. Our focus areas include Green Energy especially Solar Photovoltaics and Green Information Technology.

We have a well equipped electronics laboratory and SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC Power plant for demonstration facility.

Major Activities

  • Energy related market studies
  • Rooftop solar potential assessment in public buildings.
  • Solar photovoltaic power plant implementation.
  • Skill Development Training
  • Conduct of awareness programmes
  • Technical consultancy service
  • Research and development

Head of the Department
Vinod N

The focus areas include Hardware maintenance, Structured cabling & Networking, Network testing, System Administration and Technical support.

Major Activities 

  • Centralised attendance management system in 48 locations of NCC offices across Kerala.
  • Supply and installation of biometric devices in KSCSTE, ICONS, Kerafed, NATPAC, KFRI, JNTBGRI.
  • Structured cabling at Forest department, Child development centre, Medical college, etc.

Head of the Department

Hardware & Networking
The hardware and network department provides AMC solutions for IT infrastructure in offices and has high tech equipment for testing and design solutions. The success of e-governance initiatives, intended primarily to benefit the citizens, depends inevitably on 24×7 proper upkeep of the IT infrastructure. Our AMC services are based on this tenet. Franchisee mode AMC service for all households is scheduled to commence by the year end.


  • Centralised Attendance management system in 48 locations of NCC office across Kerala
  • Supply and Installation of Biometric devices in KSCSTE, ICONS,Kerafed, NATPAC, KFRI, JNTBGRI
  • Structured Cabling at Forest Department, Child Development Centre Medical College, etc

Head of the Department
Dinesh Murali

Pradeep N.S.
Arun Nath
Server Administrator

Electrical & Video Maintenance
The focal areas of General Electrical Maintenance, Monitoring and operation of 11KV/440V substation, General Civil maintenance and support for video production &security printing (Electrical support).

Major activities

  • Electrical
  • Up keeping of Electrical installations.
  • Monitoring 11KV/440V Substation.
  • Up keeping of Air Conditioners and new installations.
  • Preventive Maintenance of UPS s & batteries and new installations.
  • Updating portable fire extinguishers.
  • Operation and maintenance of generators.
  • 24×7 power backup for C-dit offices
  • Upkeeping of total lighting systems
  • 50KWp solar power plant operation and maintenance.
  • 315KVA ,OLTC transformer operation and maintenance
  • Power support for server room
  • Coordination of Civil maintenance and new constructions.
  • Support for Live shooting and post production work.

Head of the Department
Sri. Mukesh.A.P

Communication Course Division

Training talents in the production environment and integrating it with live work, is the motto of the Communication Courses Division of C-DIT which came into being in 1995 with the launch of a one-year post graduate diploma programme in Science and Development Communication (DSDC). Besides DSDC, CCD conducts one year PG Diploma Programmes in Multimedia designing, E-learning, Animation Film designing and Broadcast Journalism. We are also conducting Diploma Courses in Digital Media Production and Web Design & Development and short term courses in Non Linear Editing, Videography, Anchoring, Photojournalism and Digital Still Photography.

CCD regularly conducts short term training programmes for colleges and universities as well as for professionals. It has well equipped class rooms, computer labs, digital cameras, and video cameras, shooting floor, non-linear edit booth, sound booths and photo lab, besides highly professional linear and non-linear production facilities for video film making, animation and new media.

Our long term vision is to become the leading training service provider for all forms of visual communication technologies including new media  and to raise awareness and enhance learning  among all sections of the society with the purpose of knowledge empowerment.

Major Activities

  • CCD Courses – Conducts regular courses on Certificate course in still photography, Certificate course in Videography, Certificate course in non- linear editing, Diploma course in Digital media production, Diploma course in Digital Videography and Diploma Course in Video Editing.
  • Corporate training for Govt departments-residential/non-residential media training programmes.

Head of the Department
Ganapathy. G

Technology Extension Division

C-DIT understands the necessity of extending technology to tap the vast human resource of the State and help them translate their potential to bring about larger benefits for the State. The Technology Extension Division provides avenues to meet this requirement of the young populace in the State. Offering a rich gamut of courses through the C-DIT Educational Partners (CEPs) spread across all the districts is one of the major functional areas of this team. With the CEPs numbering about 300, CDIT holds the record of having the largest number of educational partners under any similar Government institution in the State. Apart from conducting and administering as many as 14 IT courses, the Team prepares quality course material required thereof.

The long term vision of the department is to become the leading education and training service provider using ICT effectively and to raise awareness of the benefits and uses of technology, and to enhance learning and teaching in all subject domains, thereby playing a vital role in building a knowledge society.

Major activities

  • Offers 30 IT and IT Enabled courses comprising Certificate courses, Diploma courses, Advanced Diploma Courses and PG Diploma Courses through CEPs (Educational Partners) across state
  • C-DIT Associated Educational Programme (CAEP) in association with colleges affiliated to recognized Universities, offering add-on courses to the students studying in these colleges
  • Tally Certification Programmes offered in association with Tally Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • Undertakes corporate training ventures for specific target groups

Head of the Department
Sri. Ganapathy. G

Head of Administration
Resmi Chandran

Cybersri Project

“Cybersri” is a unique e-inclusion programme organized by C-DIT jointly with Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Department for providing training to engineering/IT professionals belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe in specialized areas in Information Communication Technologies. The project was formulated by C-DIT and sanctioned by SC/ST development department for implementation. The center started functioning on 20th April 2005 at C-DIT campus, Chitranjali Hills, Thiruvallam, Thiruvananthapuram.

We impart exclusive training programmes to SC/ST students to impart training in the area of IT and provide support so that they come to the forefront and are equipped to compete for key positions in the IT arena.

Its main objective is the manpower development of SC/ST students and to uplift the technical and soft skills of the educated SC/ST youths to the level of Global IT and visual communication industry by providing them industry incubation and implementing certified skills and global competences. It also enhances the career prospects of SC/ST youths.

Major activities

  • IT and Visual communication training to SC /ST youth with monthly stipend.
  • Conducting Training in IT/CT area at Ambedkar Bhavan Centre, Mannanthala and Haripad Centre.
  • Coordinating Support Engineers all over Kerala for E-grants project of STDD.

Head of the Department
Shri.Mukesh A.P.

Office of the Director

Office of the Registrar

Administration Department
To deal with establishment and service matters and general office administration

HR Department
To provide human resources management services including recruitment, in-service training and development

Finance & Accounts Department
Finance Officer

Planning Department

Procurement & Stores Department
The stores department focus on Custody of Fixed Assets, Stock taking & Preparation of Goods Received Cum Inspection, Report after inspection of Goods Physical Stock verification, Periodic Inspection and Numbering of Fixed assets, Keeping of Records, Updation of Asst Registers and Stock and Issue Registers.

Major activities

  • Custody and Maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers,Master Stock
  • Registers,General Stock Registers,Issue Register & Movement Registers
  • Custody and Issue of Fixed Assets,Consumables & Stationeries/ Printed Stationeries for overall Projects of Cdit.
  • Issue of Gate pass  and Monitoring
  • Facility Management
  • Numbering of Fixed Assets
  • Repairs & Maintenance of Furniture
  • Keeping of Valuable Old Equipment used in the past projects.
  • Coordination of –
    • e-waste management
    • Housekeeping
    • Keeping of Canteen Assets and other activities related to Canteen
    • Shifting and Rearrangements of furniture and equipments as and when required
    • Supervision and Monitoring of the activities in connection vacating Rented Buildings
    • Green protocol Implementation and monitoring  the activities of Haritha Karma Sena
    • Campus cleaning beautification
    • Public Auction

Awards/ Commendation

Won ISO 9001:2015 Certification on 2018

Head of the Department
Kala M.I

Head of Purchase
Lalmohan V

C-DIT has three regional centres in Kayamkulam, Ernakulam and Kannur providing support in localization of the activities for statewide projects. The Regional Centre staff are also deployed for supporting the initiatives of the Government in e- governance and other project implementation activities.

Major Activities

  • Support for state-wide projects undertaken by C-DIT departments.
  • Training in ICT sectors
  • Finishing school programmes/Local awareness campaigns
  • IT technical support for local government organizations
  • Support in Mapathon project marking details of municipalities in Kerala