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The Centre for Development of Imaging Technology or C-DIT was formed under Government of Kerala in 1988 to meet the challenges of the next century in communication.  C-DIT is concerned with customising technology to the masses and offers a wide range of support and services in the sectors of Imaging Technology, ICT and their applications and in Optoelectronics. The organisation has been providing vital and significant support and service in the G to C (Government to Citizen) affairs of Kerala through various projects. C-DIT has taken up many prestigious projects of the Government of Kerala and completed them successfully.   

C-DIT has been functioning as a Total Solution Provider to the departments and agencies under the Government of Kerala in the areas of ICT applications and in the production of Holography based security products and security printing. C-DIT has always been the bridge between the needs of the people and the Government. C-DIT provides the common ground where grievances can be dealt with in a simple and efficient manner. 

2017-‘18 has been an exciting and successful period, and never before has C-DIT completed so many projects. It has been a year in which C-DIT have strengthened its relations with their stakeholders and assisted them in making significant improvements to the state of e-governance throughout the state. 

Vide G.O.(MS)No. 239/2017/GAD dated, Thiruvananthapuram 24th July 2017, Government of Kerala has decided to bring C-DIT under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology from Information and Public Relations Department. There is a need for C-DIT to consolidate its areas of strengths and refocus to new related areas where it could diversify and which could be of relevance to the state. This would require strategic partnerships with academic institutions and technology provider majors and start-ups along with systematic building up institutional capacities in core areas.

This activity report provides a glimpse into the main achievements of C-DIT during 2017-’18. 

  1.  Security Hologram and Certificate Printing

C-DIT has the reputation of operating the only one public sector security hologram production centre and the only public sector holographic studio in India. Important services being provided are Technical support & consultancy in Holography and security document; Turnkey project support; Holographic NDT; Product Research and Development; Training in Holography & Optical Instrumentation; Advanced Security imaging & Automation; Biometric based e-security networking; RFID based labelling and packing etc.

The Optical Image Processing Department of C-DIT has achieved a remarkable production of holograms during 2017-18.  Out of which the vital are Hologram embedded security tax labels (HSTL) for KSBC,; High Security Hologram Production (HSHP) for KSRTC, MVD, INA – Ezhimala, INS – Venduruthy, INS – Kattaboman, HQSNC – Cochin, RTO – Pathanamthitta, Lakshadeep MVD, BSS, Thayyal Thozhilali Welfare Board, Kerala State Chalachithra Academy, Kerala State Social Security Mission, DPI, CIET – Kannur, GIST, SIDCO and Technopark,; High Security Holographic document/Certificate for Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattayams for Revenue Dept., DP-Sand pass, KUHS, Kerala University, Kannur University, Veterinary University,  IIITMK, NIFT, Techinical Education Dept., IISER and State Nursing Counsil,; High Security Computer Stationery (HSCS) for Excise permit and MVD Tax Token, ; High security Vinyl Printing (HSVP) for Secretariat Vehicle pass and Trivandrum Corporation; Security Registration System for Fisheries Department .  And also done design and research work for Kerala State Lotteries.


  1.  Software Development and allied activities of Informatics Division

C-DIT caters to the development of software projects for various Governmental and non Governmental organisations.  Development of software solutions involves system study and design; complete office automation; web based/enabled office application, software maintenance and online support. The number of ongoing projects in 2017-18 (including spill –over projects from previous year)in the Informatics division is 42 which are given below:

  1. PCCIS -Primary Coir Cooperative Information System- for Directorate of Coir Development
  2.  KNMC Computerisation – for Kerala Nurses and Midwife Council
  3. PORT computerisation: Computerisation project of PORT Dept.
  4. Computerisation of Examination wing of Kalady Sankaracharya University
  5. Soft skills Development –ASAP-MIS : A web based MIS application for the management of ASAP using agile methodolgy in Java platform – for the Higher Education Department. Student Registration and Allotment, Admission Management, Class Scheduling, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Assessment Management, Certificate issue, Internship Programme Management, Asset Management and Dashboard for statistical data analysis are the major modules covered in the MIS.
  6. Computerisation of Bhasha Institute:  This includes the computerisation including publication module and online sales module of State Institute of Languages , Kerala
  7. E-groops -2.0 : This project is done for Registration Department-IG of Registration
  8. Online Registration facility for Kerala State Youth welfare Board
  9. E grants 2.0 – support: Onsite technical support being done for the project
  10. E grantz 3.0 – Modification and upgrading of the e grants software
  11. E Housing - Additional modification works
  12.  Madrassa Teachers Welfare Fund Scheme: For Minority Welfare Department
  13. E – Scheme management: This is an automation project for Samunnathi of KSWCFC(Kerala State Welfare Commission for forward Caste)
  14. E grantz F : For Fisheries Department
  15. EMC website and Kids Portal: For Energy Management Centre, Kerala
  16. Online Election Management System for Co operative Election Commission
  17. Study Centre Management System for Malayalam Mission
  18. VACB suite-2.0 : For Vigilance And anti Corruption Bureau
  19. Integrated Cooperative Department Management system for Cooperative department : this include Registration module, Finance and Fund Management module and Development of Audit module
  20. E-CDESK : Project for Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes
  21. Stamp Distribution System: For Kerala State Council for Child Welfare
  22. PHL Computerisation Project for State Public Health LAB
  23. Online Examination system for Kerala State Council for Science Technology and environment
  24. Mobile application for PBCR Data Collection and digitisation of Medical Records for Malabar Cancer Centre
  25. Kerala Science Congress- software and supporting system of the event for Kerala State Council for Science Technology and environment
  26. Public Suggestion System for Kerala Administrative Reforms Commission
  27. Online Examination system for Department Tests for Kerala Public Service Commission
  28. Fair value upgradation software: For IG of registration
  29. Festival Delegate Software for IFFK for Kerala State Chalachitra Academy
  30. Software for online payment-employee/employer contribution : project for Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Fund Board
  31. On Screen Marking system for Kerala Public Service Commission
  32. Strengthening and expanding online exam centre of Kerala Public Service Commission
  33. Straight Forward-CMO-CMDRF: The public grievance redressel programme of Kerala Chief Minister. The development and implementation of the software that strongly acted behind the success of the programme was undertaken and being flawlessly done by C-DIT.
  34. Malabar Dewaswom Board Computerisation Project
  35. E-sureksha for Kerala Social Security Mission
  36. E-kshema for Social Justice Department
  37. Application software for vayomithram project management for Kerala Social Security Mission
  38. Software for Question bank for SCERT
  39. E-monit for Irrigation Dept.
  40. TED automation : Software development for CDIT’s own activity in the Technology Extension Department
  41. E-space: Software for CDIT automation-own project
  42. Roof Top Solar Survey for Green Energy Dept. Of CDIT
  1. Video production in Communication Group

Production of video documentaries and live programs, reality shows for Government of Kerala and other agencies to encapsulate various social and development issues of the society.  C-DIT has been lauded and acclaimed, in national and international circuits, for its momentous body of work in the spheres of development, health, education, science popularization etc. C-DIT also make ad films and chart out complete marketing strategy, right from creating innovative ideas, shooting editing, censor certification and avail suitable time slots on national and regional television channels.

The important activities done in the Communication group during 2017-18 are summarised below:

  1. Harithavidyalayam II – Educational reality show telecast in Doordarshan and Victers TV channel- Which is done for KITE under education Department of GoK.
  2. Documentary production for Kudumbasree Mission – Assam, Kerala, Bihar and Rajasthan.
  3. Documentary production on Kananpuzha river at Kannur-This comprises the cleaning and rejuvenation of Kananmpuzha which is being done by the leadership of Harithakeralam Mission.
  4. Documentary Production –Alappuzha Gujarathy Museum- a comprehensive document for Alappuzha District Tourism
  5. Documentation of teachers seminar conducted by Malayalam Mission
  6. Harithasamrudhi DVD ROM project of Farm Information Bureau
  7. Naam Munnottu : a television show in which the Chief Minister communicate, discuss and debate with the public on various developmental programmes implemented by the government.  The programme is designed for Information and Public Relations Department.
  8. Varattar River Rejuvanation Documentary : The theme of the documentary is the rejuvenation of the river Varattar in Pathanamthiaa district by the initiative of Harithakeralam Mission.  The documentary is produced for Kerala Institute of Local Administration – KILA
  9. IC FOSS –Tutorial Video Production : the project is for IC FOSS
  10. KSSM – SID-Anuyatra State Level Inauguration at Alappuzha for State Institute of Disabled of Kerala Social Security Mission
  11. Short Videos : Production for National Health Mission
  12. Jalasamrudhi- A documentary film regarding the water preservation and utility of Kattakkada legislative constituency, which is done for Harithakeralam Mission
  13. Norka Roots NDPREM Video Documentation: Total documentation regarding the he program to help the returned NRKs to find a reasonable steady income for their livelihood, Government have started the rehabilitation package called NDPREM (Norka Department Project for Returned Emigrants).
  14. TV news Monitoring Project: This project is being done for I & PRD which includes the monitoring and documenting of TV news stories telecast by various channels on Governmental activities with special reference to Developmental Journalism.
  15.  Navakeralam TV show: This is a weekly TV programme in Which Ministers and High officials are participating.  The project is being done for I & PRD
  16. PRD News Clipping: This is an ongoing project since 2002.  The project involves the preparation of news clippings based on government programme so as to telecast various channels including Doordarshan.
  17. KSSM Media Plan- Magic Empower:  Project of Kerala Social Security Mission
  18. KSSM Music Video: KSSM music video –celebrating the old age for Kerala Social Security Mission
  19. Anuyatra VVIP Visit & Signature Song: This is a project on behalf of State Institute of the Disabled for Kerala Social Security Mission
  20. Swadeshabhimani media award documentation for I & PRD
  21. Social Media Workshop Conducted for I & PRD
  22. Documentation and related activities regarding one year achievement of State Government : Project for I & PRD
  23. Loka kerala sabha: Total documentation of the programme and event of Loka Kerala Sabha conducted by Govt. of Kerala – for I & P RD
  24. FIB Post Production works
  25. Total documentation of the Harithasangamam – the first year anniversary programme of Harithakeralam Mission
  1. Digitization Department

The highlights of Digitisation Department of C-DIT are termed as complete solution provider for Digital archiving of documents, manuscripts, artifact & antiques, State of the art technology for Digital Heritage Archiving, Personnel with adequate expertise and experience, own digital archiving unit including mobile digitization unit and archiving software.  During the current financial year 23.8 lakhs papers,7 lakhs patients records, 50000 churunas and 45000 leaves have been digitized by the department and the split up of the same is mentioned below. The department has 8 ongoing project in the current financial year 2017-’18 which include spill-over projects from previous year. They are:

  1.  KIAL of Kannur International Airport – 3.98 lakhs pages(Papers) digitised.
  2. Churuna & Paper Digitisation 16-17 (Phase I) of Directorate of State Archives
  3. Churuna & Paper Digitisation 17-18 – Done digitisation of 20 lakhs pages(Papers) and 50,000 churunas.
  4. Churuna & Paper Digitisation 17-18 (Phase II) of Directorate of State Archives
  5. Digitisation of Patients Records of Malabar Cancer Centre – Out of 12 lakhs records the dept. Have completed digitisation of 7 lakhs.
  6. Digitisation of Manuscript of Govt. Sanskrit College, Thrippunithura – Done digitisation of 45000 leaf.
  7. Index printing of archives
  8. Digitisation of Oriental Research and Manuscript Library (Just started)


  1. CEP Programme and other courses of Technology Extension Division.

The main role of Technology extension Division is to impart quality IT courses with Government of Kerala recognition to the student community through a network of 300 plus educational partners across the State.  Nearly 25,000 students enrolled every year.  The three important venture hosted by the division can be summarized as:

  1.  Training to SC Students:  This projects is for Directorate of SC department.  Three courses of three months duration each namely CCA,CDTA and CDEO. The selection process for the programme is by means of state level advertisement.  The selection process is also come under the project and the selected list has been approved by the Department before the commencement of the course.  Course is being conducted through CEP Centres of C-DIT throughout Kerala.
  2. Training to ESM/dependents: This project is envisaged for Zilla Sainik Welfare Board and the faculty arranged by C-DIT or from C-DIT will reach their office premsesis/class room for conduction the class.  6 month DCA is the course being conducted here.
  3. CEP is the course implementing agency of C-DIT named as CDIT’s Educational Partners.  They are of 300 plus across the state.  14 courses are at present in curriculum, all of which have Govt. recognition. 

Besides the above three, The TED has started three new certificate courses in the month of March 2018. They are .NET, Java, pHP based courses.Tally ACE and Tally PRO are the two other courses which are of 90 hrs and 50 hrs duration respectively which is started with the collaboration of Tally Educational Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Training programmes @ Communication Course Division :

Realizing the necessity of extending technology to tap the vast human resources of the State and to help them translate their potential, C-DIT has been offering a rich gamut of courses/programmes thorough its Communication Course Division.  Courses mainly conducted during 2017-18 are:

  1. Six months Diploma in Digital Media Production - in take 7 students
  2. Three months Certificate course in Non-Linear Editing – conducted three batches and 33 students participated
  3. Three months Certificate course in Videography- in take 28
  4. Certificate programme in Digital Still Photography – conducted 5 batches and 33 students participated.
  5. Off campuses – NICAT, Kozhikkode and GIFT, Kochi are the two off campus centres being functioned under C-DIT.

Besides the above the human recourse support to VSSC, conduct of training programme to Cyberssri students and Job Oriented Training to ST students (Project offered by ST Dept.) are the other ventures done in the division during the year 2017-18.

  1. Web Projects

Complete Solution Provider for Web Site Development which involve:  Domain Name Registration & Renewal, Web Server Space Support, Web Designing, Coding, Content Development and Translation, Database support using MySQL, Web hosting and maintenance using Linux servers, e-mail support, Website development using open source Content Management Framework. 250 plus web sites of different depts./organisations/instutions are being maintained by C-DIT including CM’s portal and all other Minister’s web sites.  The major achievement of this division is its migration to multiple platform level to cater all web based projects and subsequently equipped the personnel to facilitate successful completion of projects on time.

The other major initiatives of the web services division include:                                

  1. Harithakeralam Mission social media online campaign.
  2. Chief Minister’s Web site and Social media Programme : C-DIT could build up a strong and successful interface between the people and the Government through the web site of Chief Minister of Kerala and subsequent social media presence.   The whole programme feature a host of facilities including links to Chief Minister’s face book page and YouTube   videos.  The peculiarity of this site is that it has a regular stream of visitors.
  3. Website of Kerala Taxes, Kerala Literacy Mission, Athma Kollam, Scheduled Tribe Department, Hantex, Thadheshamitram, Horticorp, Kerala Cashew Development Board etc are the new websites developed.
  1. E-Governance Implementation Division/E Governance Support Dept.

The   Facility Management and Maintenance Service to Motor Vehicles Department was the main activity of this division during 2017-18.  Hardware maintenance, networking management, technical support, System Administration, supply of pre-printed stationery and consumables etc are the important services being offered in this area.

Besides this the following projects are also being maintained by the division as:

  1.  E- proc of KSITM : Technical and manpower support to e procurement system of Government of keral being run by KSITM.
  2. E-Court project: Technical and manpower support to e court project of High Court and other District courts including sub courts.
  3. Video Conferencing AMC at KSITM for State Governement (Up to Nov 2017)

  1. Research and Development Division: 

The intellectual arm of C-DIT is its Research and Development activities.  C-DIT is also an authorized research centre of University of Kerala.  It promotes integration and collaboration in ICT research and training among government organizations, academia, and private industry.  The Division also aims to undertake educational, research and development activities and facilitate designing and technology transfers in the field of information and communication technologies and other disciplines like holography and other emerging knowledge fields and to act as an international research centre in these areas.  Along with these activities the important projects handled by the team during 2017-’18 are given below:

  1.  Malayalam Text to Speech (TTS)
  2. Beta version of Malayalam TTS with a sample font was developed in          2015 and its further development is undertaken in 2016-17 amd 2017-18  financial year. Facility for reading images of Malayalam old lipi is also included in current development. The project is funded under annual plan of GoK (Malayalam Language Tool).
  3. Malayalam Speech to Text (Pilot): The project is funded under annual plan of GoK (Malayalam Language Tool).
  4. Economic Review 2017: Kerala State Planning Board entrusted C-DIT to restructure and redesign Economic Review 2017 one of the important budget documents of Government of Kerala.  The project has been visualised to provide a refined look for the book and to make it more user friendly both in the printed format and in the web site.  C-DIT has analysed the specifications and requirements of the Board and designed a comprehensive two volume book of Economic Review -2017 both in English and Malayalam with the best parameters, colour photos, diagrams, illustrations, etc.
  5.  MEDIT COURSES : The Research & Development division of C-DIT has initiated academic programs in Healthcare Technology in association with Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery under the banner MEDIT.  Three courses have been started in the first stage. All the courses are training oriented with two months internship programme. The first two courses are designed for those having technical back ground in Information Technology / Electronics. The Diploma programme in Healthcare Hospitality Management is designed for all graduates. The Courses are i. Advanced Diploma in Health Information Technology, ii. Advanced Diploma in Clinical Engineering and iii. Diploma in Healthcare Hospitality Management.
  6.  Treebank Project : Ministry for Communication& Information Technology, Govt. of India,     sanctioned the project tilted Developing Dependency Treebanks for Indian Languages- Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, and Marathi to a consortium headed by IIIT Hyderabad. Other members of the consortium are IIT Bombay - Mumbay,  Jadavpur University - Kolkata, and Centre for Development of  Imaging Technology (C-DIT), Thiruvananthapuram. C-DIT’s involvement in this project is to develop Treebanks for Malayalam. The project has been completed in 2017 April by the Language Tecnonolgy group of R&D Division in C-DIT. Outcome of the project can be used for parallel machine translation among Indian languages.

  1. Green Energy and Technology Department

The project is aimed to conduct a feasibility study for assessment of rooftop Solar potential for Implementation of Solar Power solutions through decentralized solar power plants over the Public Buildings of Grama Panchayats, Block Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations in Kerala. Accordingly vide G.O.(RT) No.113/2017/PD dated 31.03.2017, Government has sanctioned an amount of Rs.50 lakhs to C-DIT for the conduct of survey. Accordingly C-DIT has completed the survey in 203 Grama Panchayats, 30 Block Panchayats, 19 Municipalities and 2 Corporations. The survey data entry and verification process has been over. Prepared the draft report for LSGIs and finalized them in consultation with ANERT. The preparation of the final report for each LSGI is presently going on.

         Implementation of Grid connected solar power plants in LSGIs.

C-DIT is an empanelled Programme Administrator/ Channel Partner of MNRE under the category of Government agencies for Grid connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power plant programmes of MNRE. As part of this, we had submitted proposals in various LSGIs during the financial year 2016-17 for implementing Grid connected solar power solutions. Based on this we have completed the installation in Edakkad Block Panchayat Kannur, Irivery Community Health Centre, Kannur and Mookkannur Grama Panchayat, Ernakulam. The project at Areacode Block Panchayat, Malappuram is presently going on.

The important activities done by this dept during 2017-’18 are:

  1.  Rooftop solar Potential Assessment/Survey in LSGI s for ANERT
  2. Suryamitra skill development programme of national institute of solar energy (NISE) and funded by MNRE, GoI.  Conducted 2 batch programme.
  3. Implementation of 15kWP Grid connected solar power plant in Edakkad block panchayat, Kannur
  4. Implementation of 25kWP Grid connected solar power plant inIriveri Community Health Centre, Edakkad, Kannur
  5. Implementation of 10kWP Grid connected solar power plant in Mukkannur Grama Panchayat, Ernakulam
  6. Implementation of 15kWP Grid connected solar power plant in Areacode block panchayat, Malappuram

  1. Installation of Roof Top Solar Power Plant @ C-DIT

A roof top solar power plant has been installed at the head quarters building of C-DIT by the Green Energy and Technology department.  Capacity of the plant is 50KWt and 6000 units of power per month is being generated here which is being used by C-DIT.  Remaining generated power after using C-DIT is being given to the GRID.  Saving of Rs 35,000/-per month in electricity charge is the direct benefit of this venture.


  1. Renewal of Ration Card Project

Government of Kerala appointedC-DIT as Total Solution Provider in the ration card renewal process to provide necessary services to the Food &Civil Supplies Department in September 2014.

The work was completed in five phases

  1. Printing and Delivery of pre-populated forms with Instruction booklet to the Taluk Supply Offices after ARD wise segregation:  This was done in December 2014. Details of more than 80 lakh ration cards were printed an delivered to TalukSuppl Offices along with Instruction booklet for each form.
  2. Conducting of photo camps for taking photographs of applicants for ration card renewal: Though initially 5000 camps were planned, as per direction from the Government, C-DIT conducted 9184 camps from January 19 to March 31st, 2015. C-DIT supplied necessary technical, hardware and manpower support for conducting these camps. In addition mobile camps were conducted for physically challenged card holders. And later in April-May, Panchaat wise and Tauk Office level camps were also conducted.
  3. Data entry of filled up pre-populated forms: C-DIT, along with Kudumbasree and Akshaya, completed the Taluk level data entry of the filled up pre-populated forms. Necessary Civil, electrical hardware infrastructure and manpower support were provided by C-DIT for the data entry of Taluks assigned to C-DIT.

As per request from F&CS, C-DIT also hired Server facility for managing the application and data of the department w.e.f April 2015. C-DIT still is providing the support to F&CS in this regard.

Based on the request from the department, C-IT made necessary corrections/changes in the data as required by the card holders.

As part of this C-DIT printed forms for correction (for all 81 lakh ration card holders) an this was delivered to the taluks.

  1. Printing and Delivery of Provisional Lists of priority card holders:

C-DIT printed and delivered six copies of provisional rank lists to all Taluk Supply Offices. After this, adalaths were held and C-DIT provided necessary hardware and manpower support to all taluk offices to make necessary corrections in the data as required.

  1. Printing, Lamination and Delivery of new Ration Cards to Taluk Supply offices: C-DIT undertook the bulk printing of ration card outer covers, laminated and stapledwith the inner booklets of Ration Cards provided by DCS and delivered at Taluk Supply Offices in ARD wise packets. Around 81 lakhs ration cards have been delivered so far.

C-DIT, as TSP, provided other services to the department like call centre support, aadhar seeding, other data entry works at Taluks, etc

  1.  Cybersri Project

Cybersri is a project set up by Department of SC/ST Development, Government of Kerala for providing advanced IT training and industry incubation centre for SC/ST students in Kerala. The centre was set up in CDIT and started functioning since 2003. The centre has successfully completed more than 50 batches of advanced IT training for BTech/MCA/MSc Computer Science candidates among SC/ST categories. The centre also ensures placements for these trained technical persons. In addition to this the centre initiated national level workshops and seminars on advanced ICT.


  1. ICT Technical consultancy

Support in implementation of core banking solutions in various co-operative sectors.  Support in implementation of ERP solution.  Certification of various IT works in various organization.


  1. Software testing and Quality Assurance

C-DIT has set up and exclusive lab for ensuring the quality and precision on software development.  This venture is functioning with the support of the STQC Directorate, Govt. of India and got experienced and talented professionals with adequate knowledge and experience in the field.


The period 2017-18 has been one of hard work and fulfilment.  C-DIT supports the Government of Kerala in enhancing and strengthening their capability and preparedness to implement various innovative projects within the state.  In parallel, C-DIT continues to make internal improvements that keep staff morale high and make the organization a challenging and pleasant place to work.